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Monday, February 21, 2011

Paid to Blog??

Recently, Pei Wei held a bloggers contest to see who would become their professional traveling blogger.

Yes, I applied. I created a profile, submitted my blog, and got started. Sadly, I never heard back. Not so much as a peep.

Their winner received a stipend of sorts as well as free travel around Asia. The only condition? She has to blog about her experiences throughout her travels.

I have yet to read her blog, but I wonder if her writings will whet my appetite to try to blog professionally. I also wonder what kind of hands on experience she has in the food service industry. Getting ones hands dirty in the business tends to lend a little more credibility behind the words that end up on paper, or on the screen.

Recently, a couple of my friends were discussing a little Chinese restaurant (China Garden) that delivers locally. The place is not a favorite of mine, as I find it lacking in the flavor department. The food that is supposed to be spicy is not. The food that is labeled as a sweet sauced food is simply soupy. While the serving size is generous, the portion size does not make up for the lack of depth in flavor.

I often wonder how well another restaurant would do if my entire family got on board. My wife is a great accountant and she could handle the financial side of the business with her eyes closed. Our older daughter has MAD customer service skills, and she made lots of spending money when helping me out at Chino's Cafe. I would handle the operations side of the business, so the successes we had before could certainly carry over for another try.

Unfortunately, due to the continuing crisis and legal issues surrounding the loss of our last restaurant, it may only be a pipe dream to have another go at it.

For now, we will continue to explore the local eateries and find out what kinds of offerings they have.

Until then, Eat Well Friends...
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