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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thanks Mom... Enjoy Dining with Angels...

Recent news of my Mom's passing has led me to explore, introspectively, the origins of many of my passions, and the depth to which I chase or follow them.  I have come to realize that while I guide my family through the veritable maze of confusion, chaos and discovery, if I were to look ahead of me, I would see that my parents left footprints for me to follow.

From Mom came the lessons within the dynamic world of food and restaurant management.  I was shown the importance, at the ripe age of 6, of having a clean bathroom in a restaurant.  I tasted the differences between fresh asparagus and one out of a can.  (I still love that memory, and I LOVE asparagus...)  I learned the value of behaving myself in a restaurant.  I learned that there are true advantages in doing what you love.  My Mom was a partner in a restaurant franchise called Coco's Restaurant and Bakery.  We made many trips to Orange County to check on the restaurants, and I was always called upon to give my opinion regarding the cleanliness of their bathrooms.  When the franchise sold and converted to Carrow's, I felt a bit lost, because it no longer became necessary for me to to do my job as bathroom monitor.

My Mom exposed me to many global facets of the Foodie World.  The experiences include restaurant visits in Washinton DC, Boston, New York, Hong Kong, the Philippines, France, Italy and Spain, and I am sure that those experiences would have known fewer boundaries had we been able to explore more. 

From Mom came a love of Chinese food made with the freshest of ingredients.  Dim Sum, Tomato Beef, and Rice Porridge with fresh fish from Chinatown in San Francisco?  Often, almost weekly.

From Mom came the fascination with tricks of the trade, as demonstrated by Martin Yan and Julia Child.  I was watching and enjoying their television shows long before the latest movie about Julia Child was produced.

From Mom came the reassurance that it was okay to toss a whole stick of butter in a recipe that I was making for the family.  I remember the look of abject horror on my Dad's face when, while making a batch of sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving, I tossed a whole stick of butter into the recipe.  My Mom laughed it off and said that she believed that it was going to taste GREAT. 

From Mom came the idea that anyone could jump feet first into the business and succeed.  While Mom wanted me to go into the Computer Science industry, she fully supported my belief that I could make anybody any great meal. 

From Mom came the appreciation for a gourmet home cooked meal.  I remember my Mom puting her cooking skills up for auction at our school's fundraiser.  When the party of 8 showed up to eat, they were treated to a meal fit for royalty.  It included Beef Wellington with fresh vegetables, and a dessert of eclaires made in the shape of a swan.

From Mom, came the seed to this book, and the desire to instill upon those who will read it the same love of cooking.

I am going to miss all these experiences, but I can only hope to be able to share that same passion with my family.  I am going to treasure the memories,  but I can only hope to be able to create my own unique and memorable moments (and footprints) with my family.

Thanks Mom, for everything.  I know you are dining with Angels now...

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1 comment:

  1. Colin, I'm sorry about your mom.
    She was a sweet lady when I knew her--who always had a big smile when I'd bring Jen over to play with Kathy.
    You wrote a wonderful and memorable blog.