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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fung Mei

Every once in a while, vendors at work will offer to bring lunch for the office. This past week, our landscapers offered to bring us lunch, joking that he would bring Panda Express. There was a horrified gasp around the office, then silence. Finally, we all agreed that we would be willing to try Fung Mei on Pleasant Hill Road in Lawrenceville.

I read many reviews of this particular restaurant (I wanted to be well prepared for what I might expect to eat) and I saw a wide variety of opinions, ranging from glowing praise to scathing negativity.  However, I decided to let MY opinion and my impression speak for itself.

This review of the food that we received IS based on it being delivered in a styrofoam to-go container. These containers invariably result in a soggy, NEVER hot meal, so I was NOT surprised about that particular element of the dinner. The chicken, under the soggy batter, was dried and overcooked. There were large strips that were bigger than bite-sized pieces, yet even the center portion of those large pieces was dried.

Flavor-wise, the chicken was truly lacking. I could not identify an actual "flavor" because it seemed to be nothing more than a sweet chili sauce, drenching the chicken.  (I am guessing that this might have been a General Tso's chicken, or some version of it...)

The fried rice was... Rice. Soaked in soy sauce, clumpy, with some tiny, barely discernable pieces of carrot. It was bland, tasteless, definitely not noteworthy.

Given that the meal was free, i was not going to complain about it to the gentleman who brought it. I will, however, never order THAT particular dish. My next visit to Fung Mei will be one where I control the dishes served. Hopefully, I will have a meal worth repeating.

Until then, Eat Well, Friends...

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