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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Paesano's - a taste of Italy

Rated as the best Italian cuisine in San Antonio, who were we to question such acclaim?  We did, however, want proof.

It was a good start at Paesano's.  Having never dined there before, I was pleased with the bread selection that was offered. Paired with olive oil and a good white wine (Kendall Jackson Chardonnay, vintner's reserve 2006) it was a great start to the day,

The menu offers an impressive selection including pasta, seafood, chicken, beef, and veal. Of course, you can’t visit Paesanos without trying out their classic Shrimp Paesano, a lightly breaded, savory shrimp in a white wine lemon butter sauce.

The only criticism I might have is one that my Regional Manager voiced: We aren't supposed to get sand in our scallops.

This was the daily special... very tasty. 2 stuffed shrimp, 2 shrimp paesano and 2 broiled scallops.  I could have done without the stuffed shrimp.  It had an overly strong aftertaste from the herbs used in the crab and cheese mix.  Otherwise, the meal as a whole was good.  I would definitely go back... 

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