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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nancy's World:Thoughts Along The Gulf: Invasion!

Nancy's World:Thoughts Along The Gulf: Invasion!

My dear friend, and fellow writer, Nancy, is temporarily out of commission due to some back pain.
No doubt in part to the constant rigors of
digging up some choice pearls of wisdom, or even some dry wit to share with us.
So let's try to put her out of her misery, shall we?
Back pain, by no means, is any fun.
However, when taken in context, can provide some sort of window into the sufferer's life.
If spelled incorrectly, it can be a rear view window.
Back Pane
If we were to talk just about the pain in France, we would be describing bread.
Le Pain
But could she have really been referring to a French version of a metaphoric pain in the ...?
No, it's not pronounced like Chair, although I know that the right kind of those will relieve back pain...
...nomically speaking, one with plenty of lumbar support is the best kind to purchase.
But don't be surprised if the cost or weigh a bit more,
 because of all that lumber needed to support all that lumbar...
But wait... (weight?)
Nancy is nowhere near overweight.
In fact, she calls my favorite meal of the day
Sinner, instead of Dinner...
hurry up and feel better, Nancy...
I am not as good at this as you are...

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